Applied Wing Chun  

San Marcos, Texas
(Home garage)



SiFu Duncan Leung and myself at the Grandmaster Yip Man museum in Foshan, China

​I am a life time student of SiFu Duncan Leung 

(Leung Shiu Hung) 

If you read the above website, you will see exactly what I have to teach. I teach Wing Chun Kung Fu as I was taught by the private student of Grandmaster Yip Man. I am one of the founding members of the  


"Applied" is added to distinguish the style of Wing Chun taught by SiFu Duncan Leung as he learned it from Grandmaster Yip Man. There are some differences from other styles obvious in the details.

 The titles "Master" and "Grandmaster" should not be claimed lightly. I am neither.

I can say that I will be your Sifu. Come and see for yourself how the Wing Chun system works. It is a logical and scientific self defense. To judge a martial art, test what it can do with a strong opponent, and the logic of it's principles.

Please go to the FAQ page for more information about Applied Wing Chun.


About myself. My name is Wayne Goss. I teach Applied Wing Chun in my garage in San Marcos, Texas (near Austin).

I retired from the U. S. Navy in 1999 after 20 years. Before that I served in the Texas National Guard for 6 years. I have trained in Applied Wing Chun since 1976 with SiFu Duncan Leung.

I am a guide more than a teacher. I can show you the way, but it is up to you to walk it.  I have a good understanding of the logic and principles of Wing Chun techniques. The ideal is to work intensely as possible while you are at your physical and mental peak, and have few obligations. You can learn much with dedicated practice. Even if you start late in life, you will be amazed at what you can do.

My goal is to help YOU become the best martial artist. I will give you as much information and training methods as you can handle.      I want you to be successful and enjoy Wing Chun. 

FOCUS is the purpose, benefit, and method of martial arts training.